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A review of the automotive market for rain sensors: 2005 edition

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Consumer demand continues to fuel growth in the global rain sensor market, and more and more vehicle makers are now offering the safety and comfort device on their cars. The technology is no longer the sole preserve of the luxury class, however, as an increasing number of mid-range and smaller vehicles are offering rain sensors.

As installation rates rise, the downward pressure on unit prices continues. Manufacturers report that the average unit price has more than halved over the past seven years. As prices plummet, suppliers are busy developing next-generation technologies, adding an increasing number of functions and features.

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This exclusive second edition report reviews the main markets for vehicle rain sensors, providing valuable analysis on market fitment, volume and value data through 2010 for this fast-growing sector, as well as determining how the market is divided among the main manufacturers in Europe, North America and worldwide.

Author: Matthew Beecham
October 2004
Format: PDF
Pages: 20


The report also provides market forecasts to 2010 for rain sensor penetration by vehicle segment in Western Europe.

  • Market shares
  • Market installation data
  • Market value analysis
  • Market volume analysis

The forecasts for OE volumes in this report are supported by interviews with experts at component manufacturers and OEMs across Europe, North America, and Japan.

Current and future technology trends are also reviewed - both existing optical type sensors as well as some of the alternative technologies currently being explored such as capacitive and acoustic sensors.

The report concludes with a brief profile of each of the following manufacturers:

  • Bosch
  • Denso
  • Kostal
  • TRW
  • Valeo
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