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Executive Briefing: Automotive Systems Convergence

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One of the biggest challenges facing today's auto industry is resolving the conflict of meeting customer expectation - generally interpreted as providing ever-higher levels of equipment - without exceeding stringent budgetary constraints. The issue is common to all auto makers, and is compounded by the requirement to meet increasingly severe safety and security compliance standards set by a host of governing bodies.

The car manufacturers are responsible for laying out a map of equipment requirements, timing and cost, and the Tier One manufacturers the next level on this map, but it is falling on the shoulders of those who design and manufacture semiconductors to create the architecture capable of delivering the expected levels of functionality, compliance and reliability within the requisite cost parameters.

Author: Dennis Foy
January 2005
Format: PDF
Pages: 20


This exclusive new Executive Briefing, produced by ABOUT Automotive and authored by Dennis Foy, the highly respected editor of Automotive Telematics Bulletin, analyses how the microprocessor manufacturers are quietly revolutionising the auto industry's development.

Report coverage

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    Why the electronics industry is coming to the aid of auto makers
  • Chapter 2: The paradigm shift
    Open Source or proprietary systems?
  • Chapter 3: That connection dilemma
    MOST? FlexRay? IEE1334? Conflicting interests can lead to confused developers
  • Chapter 4: Developments in microprocessor-based technology
    Who is doing what - designing solutions for problems that not everyone realised existed
  • Chapter 5: Convergence in logistics telematics
    Combining telematics with RFID technology enhances security

This Executive Briefing includes brief profiles of the major players in this sector, assessing the extent to which each company has targeted the auto industry as an area for growth:

  • ADI
  • Altera
  • AMD
  • ARM
  • Atmel
  • Clarity Technologies
  • dSPACE
  • Encirq
  • Fairchild
  • Freescale Semiconductor
  • Fujitsu
  • Infineon
  • Motorola
  • National Instruments
  • NEC Electronics
  • ON Semiconductor
  • Philips Micro
  • QNX
  • SMaL
  • STMicro
  • Texas Instruments

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