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Vehicle Security & Access Systems

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction – Executive Summary

Chapter 2: Evolution of the vehicle security market

Chapter 3: The market

3.1: Supply structure - introduction
3.2: Changes in vehicle security features and latch design since the late 1980s
3.2.1: Double locking – not a success, but a catalyst for change nonetheless
3.2.2: Corporate latches – a means to save costs
3.2.3: Supplier loyalty lower in Europe than in Japan
3.2.4: Volkswagen the leader in corporate latches
3.2.5: The ideal solution was not without its problems
3.2.6: CAD systems ease the trend to corporate latches
3.2.7: Applying electronics to vehicle security systems – the fully electronic latch?
3.2.8: Despite problems, ArvinMeritor is continuing with electronic latches
3.2.9: Electronic applications continue to grow despite the ‘failure’ of the electronic latch
3.2.10: Power management and system wake-up = major challenges
3.2.11: Renault’s solution has widespread appeal and application
3.3: Passive entry – a high tech feature with entry level application
3.3.1: Why has passive entry met with consumer resistance?
3.3.2: The commercial vehicle market – a major opportunity?
3.3.3: The future of passive entry
3.3.4: Passive entry did not follow traditional fitment pattern
3.3.5: Current and future take-up of passive entry
3.4: Recent specific developments in key technology and capability
3.4.1: Ford North America – opening the door via a keypad
3.4.2: GM USA – the key fob as an information centre
3.4.3: Nissan Japan – using mobile phones to unlock cars
3.4.4: Tesla – a sports car with extra security

Chapter 4: Supplier review

4.1: Introduction
4.2: Categorising the suppliers

Chapter 5: Future developments

5.1: Emerging markets
5.2: Safety
5.3: Low-effort latches
5.4: Weight reduction

List of tables:

Table 1: European and North American passive entry OE fitment (%)
Table 2: Summary of suppliers’ core business
Table 3: Lock and latch supply patterns
Table 4: Keyless entry supply patterns
Table 5: Keyless entry/keyless start and other door related systems availability (Premium brands)

List of figures:

Figure 1: Automotive latches and lock cylinder market shares: Europe (2009)
Figure 2: Automotive latches and lock cylinder market shares: North America (2009)
Figure 3: Automotive latches and lock cylinder market shares: Japan (2009)
Figure 4: Automotive passive entry systems market shares: Europe (2009)
Figure 5: Automotive passive entry systems market shares: North America (2009)
Figure 6: Automotive passive entry systems market shares: Japan (2009)
Figure 7: The keypad on the Lincoln MKS and the Ford Flex

Case Studies

1: The Kiekert modular latch
2: Passive entry: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
3: Passive entry: BMW – Comfort Access on the 1-series
4: The Audi A4 – Advanced key from Marquardt



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