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Active Safety Systems: 2017 Edition
The blueprint for tomorrow's autonomous mobility landscape

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As active safety goes from niche to mainstream, intelligent connectivity and digitisation both inside and outside the vehicle will become even more important than it is today. The convergence of high-speed connectivity and sensor processing will bring consumers one-step closer to fully automated driving.

This exclusive report from ABOUT Automotive assesses the most influential changes in the automotive industry with the advent of active safety systems. It also analyses how these systems will work in harmony with other vehicular systems to make high levels of autonomy a reality.

This report provides fresh, unbiased insight in a number of areas, including:

  • An analysis of the 6 key challenges that could hamper the development and implementation of active safety systems;
  • Coverage of the 8 leading OEM autonomous driving & active safety projects;
  • An assessment of the global regulatory environment, and the implications for active safety development;
  • Discussion about connectivity between one vehicle and another (V2I) and between a vehicle and the infrastructure (V2I);
  • An examination of the fusion of sensor systems that now constitute active safety principles and the innovations that have been recently introduced;
  • Developments in ADAS and active safety applications; and
  • A detailed case study on Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).

Published: December 2016
Format: PDF
Pages: 70

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Report coverage

Chapter 1: Evolution of automotive safety

Chapter 2: Status quo: safety requirements & regulations

Chapter 3: Sensor fusion: A technological overview

Chapter 4: ADAS & active safety applications

Chapter 5: Active safety down the line

Chapter 6: Top autonomous driving & active safety projects of automotive companies

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