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Global Automotive Biometric Driver Identification Market
Forecasts to 2030

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Biometrics is the measure and analysis of how someone behaves. It can be applied for both verification and identification purposes. Biometric identification determines who the person is based on a measured biometric factor. There are a number of characteristics that can be used for biometric identification, including fingerprints, iris and facial geometry.

This exclusive report from ABOUT Automotive analyses the emerging and fast-growing global automotive biometrics driver identification market, providing intelligence on the main drivers, opportunities and challenges facing the sector. It also provides detailed regional and global forecasts across three biometric applications in cars, namely fingerprint, facial and iris recognition.

The scope of this report includes:

The current status of automotive biometrics:

  • How will tomorrow's car use biometrics?
  • What is happening - and in which cars?
  • Why does it matter and what are the next steps?

Market opportunities of automotive biometrics:

  • What is the market potential?
  • How fast will the market grow for fingerprint, facial and iris recognition?
  • What are the opportunities to create additional value of the driver-facing camera for digital commercial purposes?
  • Is the automotive industry facing a biometric boom?
  • What is the big picture?

Market challenges / concerns of automotive biometrics:

  • What your car will know about you.
  • Automotive biometrics and data collection laws: Are the biometrics stored? When, where, why and for how long?
  • What are the implications for the car insurance industry?

Included in the report is coverage of 36 key players pushing back the technical boundaries in the automotive biometrics arena.

Published: July 2021
Format: PDF
Pages: 60

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Report coverage

Chapter 1: Automotive biometrics: Current status

Chapter 2: Next steps for automotive biometrics

Chapter 3: Automotive biometrics timeline

Chapter 4: Fingerprint recognition

Chapter 5: Facial recognition

Chapter 6: Iris recognition and voice authentication

Chapter 7: Gesture control

Chapter 8: Biometrics in autonomous vehicles

Chapter 9: Biometrics in connected vehicles

Chapter 10: Automotive biometrics: Key concerns

Chapter 11: Implications for the car insurance industry & data collection

Chapter 12: Market forecasts

Chapter 13: Key OEMs advancing automotive biometrics

Chapter 14: Key suppliers advancing automotive biometric

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