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The global market for navigation systems

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Navigation technology is ready to go offboard so that constantly updated maps can be downloaded to the car with turn-by-turn voice guidance on routes. The emergence of new products in this market is so rapid that today’s $100 CD-ROM navigation package will be out of date in six months. In the short term (2003-2004), data intensive maps on DVD will remain onboard while time sensitive information such as traffic information, road construction updates and business listings will be requested offboard.

After years of rapid expansion in Japan, and hardly any movement elsewhere, the market for GPS (global positioning by satellite) navigation systems has formed the basis for integrated telematics in many cases.

This report forecasts combined global OE and aftermarket sales of navigation systems through 2010, as well as identifying market share data for Europe, North America and Japan. The report also reviews the technical advances in vehicle route guidance and its stages of development from autonomous, hybrid onboard/offboard through to dynamic systems.

Author: Matthew Beecham
August 2002
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