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Automotive Powertrain Sensors: Trends & Forecasts to 2021

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Two major concerns for automotive engineers are how best to maximise fuel economy and to reduce emissions. Powertrain sensors, which measure temperature, pressure, rotational speed and other vehicle performance parameters, are central to both.

There is also a trend in the powertrain sensor industry toward higher temperature and electromagnetic compatibility requirements, due largely to the increasing deployment of smaller engines.

This exclusive report from ABOUT Automotive focuses on the following key areas:

Published: December 2014
Format: PDF
Pages: 35

  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Speed sensors
  • Position sensors
  • Exhaust sensors
  • Other powertrain sensors

Report coverage

Chapter two sets out product trends and forecast fitment levels for various types of powertrain sensors used in passenger cars in each major vehicle-producing region through 2021.

Chapters three through eight examine major trends and provide market estimates for Temperature, Pressure, Speed, Position and Exhaust sensors.

Chapter nine lists major manufacturers of automotive sensors.

Exclusive forecast data provided in excel appendix

50 data worksheets are also provided in the data appendix. Unit volume and value data (broken out by region) to 2021 are provided for the following types of powertrain sensors:

Temperature sensors:

  • Manifold air temperature sensor
  • Engine coolant temperature sensor
  • Transmission oil temperature sensor
  • Engine oil temperature sensor
  • Boost air temperature sensor

Pressure sensors:

  • Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensors
  • Barometric pressure (BARO) sensors
  • Engine oil pressure sensors
  • Fuel rail pressure sensors
  • Boost pressure sensors
  • Air conditioning (A/C) pressure sensors
  • Brake vacuum pressure sensors

Speed sensors:

  • Transmission input speed sensors
  • Transmission output speed sensors
  • Vehicle speed sensors

Position sensors:

  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) position sensors
  • Pedal position sensors
  • Throttle position sensors
  • Camshaft position sensors
  • Crankshaft position sensors

Other powertrain sensors:

  • Knock sensors
  • Fuel level sensors
  • Mass air flow (MAF) sensors
  • Engine oil condition sensors
  • Park/reverse/neutral/drive/low-electronic transmission range selection (PRNDL/ETRS) sensors


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