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2004 edition: The global market for automotive lighting equipment

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This report, published jointly with just-auto.com, reviews the key market drivers for new vehicle lighting technologies, extending the analysis originally published in 2001. Chapter two sets out our revised fitment forecast for HID headlamps through 2010. In extending the analysis, we add forecast fitment trends for HID by vehicle segment in Europe and Centre High Mounted Stop Lamps with LED lamps. We also include market value estimates through 2007 by major car producing region for LEDs, HIDs and interior lighting.

The forecasts for OE volumes and values in this report are not extrapolative - based simply on trends - but dependent on the underlying drivers of supply and demand. Our estimates are supported by interviews with experts at component manufacturers and OEMs across Europe, North America and Japan.

While some players are co-operating to extend their global reach, others are consolidating in a highly competitive market.

Author: Matthew Beecham
December 2003
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We review these major events, identifying the market leaders for front and rear lighting in Europe, Japan, North America and worldwide, extending our analysis to 23 detailed market share pie charts covering exterior and interior lighting.

Chapter three reviews the technical advances in vehicle lighting since we first looked at this sector in January 2001. The LED output-cost ratio has improved dramatically to the point that it has now eclipsed other technologies such as neon and fibre optics for exterior lighting applications. Manufacturers expect to see LED headlamps introduced by the end of the decade, if not earlier.

Chapter four provides brief profiles of the major automotive lighting equipment manufacturers, namely Valeo, Hella, Automotive Lighting, Koito, Guide, Ichikoh, Osram, Sidler, Stanley Electric and Visteon.

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