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The Global Sports Licensing Market

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One common thread that seems to unite the world is love of sport. Millions of fans the world over want to be associated with a player, the team or its success, drive, and passion - and it is a far greater bond than, say, the love of trend for fashionistas. This is the underlying force that fuels the sports licensing market.

This industry is certainly a lucrative one. And all indications are that it will only get bigger.

This exclusive report from ABOUT Style, the third in a series of timely Executive Briefings, identifies the leading brands by region, and offers expert opinions on how to build a brand in this highly competitive sector. This Executive Briefing also provides analysis on the thorny topic of counterfeiting - a problem that continues to plague the sporting goods companies.

Published: June 2008
Format: PDF
Pages: 26


Report coverage:
Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Licensing
  3. The sports licensing market: a global powerhouse
    - The top sports licensing companies around the world
  4. The leading global brands
  5. Building a brand: the keys to success
  6. What fashion companies can learn from sports licensed brand
    - Sports licensees are successful even if a team is not
    - There’s a right way to build customer loyalty
    - Opportunities are everywhere in sports marketing
    - The online market for sports licensing retail will only get bigger
    - Sales should keep moving all year - even out of season
  7. The impact of counterfeiting
    - Overview
    - Companies most vulnerable
    - Where fakes originate

List of tables:

Table 1: Global retail sales, by league: 2006
Table 2: The top 25 college apparel licensees: 2007
Table 3: The top 25 non-apparel licensees of collegiate merchandise: 2007
Table 4: The top 75 Universities – ranked by licensing sales: 2007
Table 5: 2006 Revenues for top global sports brands (US$ million)
Table 6: Counterfeiting: consumer willingness

List of figures:
Figure 1: The global market for licensed sports products: 2007 ($billion)

Appendix: List of licensed sporting goods companies

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