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The global automotive marketing report: 2005 edition

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As the role of the automobile has evolved from a basic transportation solution to a social statement and, more recently, a fashion item, so too have the automotive marketing and promotion strategies changed in recent times. The role of advertising has become so critical, that the success of a new model can be as dependent on the effectiveness of the ad campaign as it is on the attributes of the car itself.

The 24/7 way of life that is so prevalent today will continue to put pressure on the effective delivery of the automotive product message, and this will significantly alter the way in which cars are marketed in the future. How the manufacturers and associated creative media agencies respond to this constantly shifting target will make for interesting times ahead. Only one thing is certain in the consumer market - change is unavoidable.

Published: October 2005
Format: PDF
Pages: 80


Designed specifically for both vehicle manufacturers and the marketing agencies that work closely with them, this exclusive report from ABOUT Automotive analyses the key factors that have influenced changes in the market. These include changes in tastes, lifestyle shifts, brand loyalty and economic fluctuations. The report addresses specific issues such as:

  • Marketing to a younger audience
  • Selling cars to the female market
  • Marketing alternative fuel technologies
  • The Internet and the showroom
  • Media communication styles of the future

Report coverage:

How the markets have changed in the last 50 years

  • The car and the economy
  • The car and lifestyles
  • Functionality of vehicles
  • How effectively has the manufacturer dealt with the above three issues?

Brand loyalty

  • Why have Asian car brands been experiencing strong growth in the US, at the expense of the domestic manufacturers?
  • Brand loyalty and the younger generation
  • Should manufacturers push models or brands?

Advertising and lifestyles

  • What style of advertising does today's car-buying public want to see?
  • Why are manufacturers targeting their advertising towards a younger age group?
  • What are the actual objectives of car advertising?

The Internet

  • Is the Internet's full potential being realised by manufacturers?
  • The Internet and the showroom

Growth of markets

  • How will the different lifestyles in emerging markets influence advertising to the consumer?
  • Eastern design influence
  • China's response to Western capitalism

Alternative fuel technology

  • Marketing alternative fuel technology
  • Environmental awareness
  • Diesel power

Motor industry and vehicle manufacturers

  • Current trends influencing design and the emergence of new model segments
  • How will the global auto industry react to the phenomenal industrial growth in Asia?
  • What dynamics are driving the market for cars in China?

Case studies

  • Ford in Europe
  • Ford Thunderbird
  • The effects of the GM/Daewoo merger
  • Manufacturers in motor sport
  • The V8 invasion of Europe
  • Japanese brands in the US
  • The Mini factor

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