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The global automotive marketing report: 2005 edition

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Setting the scene
The re-evaluation of marketing strategies

Chapter 2: How the markets have changed in the last 50 years
The car and the economy
The car and lifestyles
Functionality of vehicles
How effectively has the manufacturer dealt with these issues?

Chapter 3: Brand loyalty
Where has all the brand loyalty gone?
Brand loyalty has to be earned
Brand loyalty and the younger generation
Why have American domestic vehicles been losing brand loyalty?

Chapter 4: Advertising & lifestyles
Advertising in the automotive industry
Marketing to a younger audience
Product v Lifestyle marketing
Selling cars to the female market
What are the actual objectives of car advertising?
Lifestyles - design crossroads

Chapter 5: The Internet
The Internet - fad or future?
The Internet and the showroom

Chapter 6: Growth of markets
UK, Europe & Rest of the World
Current trends influencing design and the emergence of new model segments
Emerging markets
What dynamics are driving the market for cars in China?
China's response to Western capitalism
The Chinese car-buyer
The Chinese car market
How will the different lifestyles in the emerging markets influence advertising to the consumer?
The Chinese car-buyer and brand loyalty
Eastern design influence
The oil price
Other Asian markets

Chapter 7: Alternative fuel technology
Marketing alternative fuel technology
Environmental awareness
Diesel power

Chapter 8: Motor industry & vehicle manufacturers
The global manufacturing village
How will the global auto industry react to the phenomenal industrial growth in the East?
Why have Asian cars been experiencing a strong growth in sales in America, at the expense of the domestic manufacturers?
Globalisation - many products are manufactured in Asia due to the lower wage rates

Chapter 9: The changing face of the market - case studies
Ford in Europe
Ford Thunderbird
The effects of the GM/Daewoo merger
Manufacturers in motor sport - is the exposure good value for money?
The V8 invasion of Europe
Japanese brands in the US
The Mini factor

Chapter 10: The future
Too sterile?
Designing the future
Media communication styles of the future
What does the future hold?

Chapter 11: Conclusion

List of tables:

Table 1 Customer satisfaction table: 2004
Table 2 US passenger car sales by vehicle country of origin
Table 3 Global sales of passenger cars by manufacturer
Table 4 'Halo' model cars sold in UK

List of figures

Figure 1 Pontiac GTO advertisement
Figure 2 Snapshot of motor car ad spend in the UK, by media type
Figure 3 Fiat Stilo Abarth print ad (2005)
Figure 4 UK full vehicle licence holders: male/female split
Figure 5 Kia Picanto advertisement (2005)
Figure 6 Ad spend by the 'Big Three' US motor manufacturers
Figure 7 New passenger car sales in China
Figure 8 India's annual sales
Figure 9 Honda Insight
Figure 10 Toyota Prius
Figure 11 The BMW 745h Hydrogen version
Figure 12 Vauxhall diesel advertisement (2005)
Figure 13 Ford Focus Vignale concept
Figure 14 Ford Thunderbird
Figure 15 Sales of Mini cars
Figure 16 Mini Cooper Cabrio

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