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The global market for automotive turbochargers: 2015 edition

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Since the last edition of this report in 2013, the demand on automakers has been relentless in terms of improving fuel economy and reducing emissions - thus driving increased sales of forced induction systems.

The use of pressure charging techniques has therefore expanded significantly, and the number of applications has continued to grow. What we have seen in recent years is the ascendancy of the turbocharger and its use by almost every major manufacturer, as well as the adoption of new arrangements that combine turbocharger and supercharger technologies to deliver characteristics superior to what either technology could deliver individually.

Published: October 2015
Format: PDF
Pages: 90

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All regional forecast data is now split between gasoline and diesel engines

This exclusive report from ABOUT Automotive provides fresh, unbiased insight in a number of areas, including:

  • The substantial growth in the demand for light-duty turbochargers worldwide, but especially in North America and China, fuelled by the market-wide trend towards engine downsizing;
  • Stricter exhaust emission regulations in all the major vehicle markets and the high price of fuel;
  • The trend towards even more strict vehicle CO2 emissions globally;
  • The state of the diesel market worldwide - from the growth of clean diesel in North America, to the political backlash in Europe; and
  • Further developments in turbocharger technology, such as the increasing cost of high temperature resistant materials.

Report coverage

This fifth edition report reviews the key market drivers for forced induction solutions for both the light vehicle and heavy commercial vehicle markets, providing some forward-looking analysis through to 2020.

Chapter two examines current technology drivers and the innovations that have been recently introduced.

Chapter three analyses product trends and fitment levels for automotive turbochargers in each major vehicle producing region through to 2020. It also provides regional and global volume and value forecasts for turbochargers in both the passenger car and heavy commercial vehicle sectors.

Chapter four provides brief profiles of the major manufacturers of turbochargers, namely BorgWarner, Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems, Continental Schaeffler, Honeywell Turbo Technologies, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (IHI), and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Cummins Turbo Technologies, plus an overview of the largest manufacturer of mechanical superchargers, Eaton.

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