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The global automotive exterior LED market: Trends & forecasts to 2018

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LEDs – the future already in progress

LEDs are now acknowledged as the mainstream standard light source of what might reasonably be called ‘the future already in progress’. Their small size, powerful light emission, extreme reliability, low energy requirement and long lifespan mean that LEDs continue to make quick inroads in automotive sectors governed by cost and performance demands alike.

Indeed, since the last edition of this report was published in 2010, the sector has continued to witness a blistering rate of innovation, and LEDs have now broken every automotive application barrier. Nevertheless, there are other light source technologies that have sprung from LED research and development, and some are poised to supplement – or even, in certain applications, supplant them.


Published: July 2014
Format: PDF
Pages: 50


Brand new research on the automotive exterior LED sector

This report highlights the findings of research conducted throughout 2014 by ABOUT Automotive in the automotive exterior LED market.  It is largely based on our research, analysis and interviews with a number of industry experts, gathering individual perspectives. 

The study updates and extends our previous 2010 analysis of this sector, and provides crucial insight in topical areas including:

  • The market, cost, and adoption trends for automotive exterior LED lighting, with expository coverage of related issues;
  • The main manufacturers serving this sector and how the market is divided and shared in the main markets worldwide;
  • Trends in key product and process technologies, both current and future.

This report provides reliable answers to such vital questions as:

  • How soon will LED headlamps completely supplant halogen and HID Xenon headlamps?
  • How and to what degree are vehicle manufacturers leveraging LEDs for visual brand identification and differentiation?
  • What do the system cost and per-lumen cost trends look like for LED headlamps?
  • What is being done to address the rapid obsolescence of LED packages as they continue improving, and are the pending measures adequate to address serviceability and parts availability needs?
  • Is the durability of optical materials used in headlamps keeping up with the very long lifespan of today's and tomorrow's LED light sources?
  • How is regulatory uncertainty affecting the full-scale adoption of LED headlamps?
  • To what extent will OLEDs and laser diodes supplement, or even supplant LEDs?

Report coverage:

Chapter two sets out our detailed market fitment, volume and value forecasts for exterior LED lighting applications for Western Europe, North America and Japan.

Chapter three reviews the technical trends and challenges that the sector currently faces. It evaluates how quickly LED headlamps’ performance, efficacy and cost-effectiveness are improving. The chapter also highlights other light source technologies that are emerging, namely OLEDs and laser diodes.

Chapter four provides brief profiles of a selection of the main players in the LED market, namely:

  • Nichia
  • Osram Opto Semiconductor
  • Philips Lumileds
  • Seoul Semiconductor
  • Stanley
  • Cree


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