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The idea that certain foods may be eaten to maintain a healthy body is certainly not new, but the last ten years have witnessed the evolution of a multibillion-dollar market around this concept. The global introduction of nutraceuticals has seen the creation of a tertiary definition of food, one that moves beyond the notions of taste and nutrition, and into physiological function. Food may be used not only to sustain life but also to enhance it.

The global market for nutraceuticals is currently estimated to be worth about US$65 million. The differences in national demand are extensive however, even between the leading markets: North America, the EU (in particular the UK) and Japan.

Much of this difference can be attributed to an individual country's cultural history of the role of food, or with the levels of consumer education, or simply the relative affluence needed to afford the 'good-for-you' price premium. Each and every market is experiencing growth however. And, on a global scale, this growth is expected to continue at around 9% until 2010.

Published: October 2003
Format: PDF/Print
Pages: 70

Report coverage:

This exclusive new report from ABOUT Food reviews the key market drivers for the growing nutraceutical industry. It provides analysis on a number of key areas, including:

  • Analysis of the leading nutraceuticals markets: the US (including coverage on Canada), the EU (in particular the UK) and Japan;
  • In-depth look at leading nutraceutical brand Benecol;
  • Study of the trends driving the global market, including attitudes towards health foods, regulatory overview and health concerns related to weight;
  • Overview of the approaches to developing new nutraceuticals, according to industry, and a look at the regulatory state of play in the main markets; and
  • Analysis of four major players producing nutraceuticals for the world market.

Use this report to:

  • Learn about the scope of the global market, and appreciate the differences in national demand;
  • Find out how to negotiate the different legislative environments to build global brands;
  • Learn how to develop your product range to make the most of the nutraceutical revolution;
  • Find out what attitudes determine consumers' purchase of nutraceuticals;
  • Understand how best to fulfill consumers' desires for health foods; and
  • Gain insight into future developments in the global nutraceuticals industry.
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