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Fibres and Fabrics: Market Trends 2007

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The textile market is truly global. Brands are shopping around the globe for the 'latest and greatest' yarns and textiles, and the market itself is currently worth in excess of $440 billion per year, with about 20% of that figure coming from China.

Many issues are impacting this industry, such as the ending of the quota system in 2004, which has changed where production occurs, how supply chains operate as well as affecting prices at all levels. Companies will need to figure out how to survive in this new marketplace, particularly as burgeoning markets join the playing field. This includes everyone from fibres and fabric producers to end retailers that need to determine how to get products to consumers more quickly and with better quality.

This exclusive, data-rich report from ABOUT Style, the second in a series of timely Executive Briefings, identifies the latest trends that are making an impact on the industry, assesses what’s coming down the pipeline in the future and provides an objective view on key industry drivers such as eco-friendly fabrications and nanotechnology.

Published: July 2007
Format: PDF
Pages: 25


Report coverage:

  1. Global marketing factors
  2. Biggest markets for fibres and fabrics
  3. Regions making an impact
  4. Newest fibres and fabrics, technologies and innovations
  5. Today and tomorrow
  6. Sector profile
    - non-wovens
    - outdoor/performance market
    - denim

List of tables:

Table 1: Growth rate of the apparel textile market: 2003 – 2009
Table 2: Annual growth rates 2006
Table 3: The stain-resistant apparel category

List of figures:

Figure 1: Top 10 global textile suppliers to US
Figure 2: Top 10 global textile suppliers to the European Union
Figure 3: Market share for textiles post-quota elimination in the EU
Figure 4: Market share for textiles post-quota elimination in the U.S.
Figure 5: World usage nonwovens 2006
Figure 6: World production nonwovens 2006
Figure 7: World production nonwovens 2006 (million tonnes)
Figure 8: World production nonwovens 2006 (US$ billion)
Figure 9: World production nonwovens (million tonnes)
Figure 10: World production nonwovens (US$ billion)


Top fibres/fabrics producers 2006

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