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The global branding report: 2007 edition

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Today's apparel environment is tougher than ever for brands. There are many reasons for the emergence of this challenging climate; from a proliferation of brands, fierce competition from retailers acting as brands, smarter consumers, the consolidation of department stores, mass retailers redefining themselves, luxury designers creating for mass, the demand for luxury goods and, not least, the growth of the discount sector.

All of this adds up to one stark fact: those brands that break through the noise and communicate their message to the consumer directly and clearly - in a way that means something to them - will rise to the top in 2007.

Following the success of the 2005 edition, this exclusive report from ABOUT Style provides a completely fresh look at the branding industry, and includes sections covering key branding issues, consumer trends, success factors, impact of new products and line extensions, retailers, fashion trends, luxury, discount and plus size sectors.

Published: November 2006
Format: PDF
Pages: 50


Report coverage:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Executive summary - key branding issues

Chapter 3: Consumer trends - the 2007 consumer
Describes the 2007 consumer - who she is, how she thinks and how to best reach her.

Chapter 4: Success factors
Looks at the key success factors for today's apparel brands. What are the characteristics of top labels and who is the best in terms of speaking to today's consumer.

Chapter 5: New products and line extensions
Discusses line extensions, ones that work, and ones that do not and why. It also touches on new products and licensing.

Chapter 6: Branding checklist in 2007
Identifies the 'must do's' for brands rising to the top in today's marketplace.

Chapter 7: Retailers
Takes a look at the retailing environment as well as private label issues, including retailers as brands.

Chapter 8: Fashion trends - interviews with the experts
What will the moods, colours, styles and silhouettes be in 2007?

Chapter 9: Luxury
An overview of the luxury market, including which brands are making headway with consumers and which are not, plus why.

Chapter 10: Discount
Examines the discount market from online to mass to specialty stores.

Chapter 11: Plus sizes
Previews the plus-size market, one of the most wide-open opportunities in the apparel industry today.

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