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The global report on counterfeiting: anti-counterfeiting and the apparel industry

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Counterfeiting is a truly global problem. And it is a problem that appears to be spiralling out of control. Revenues generated from counterfeit product sales are estimated to have grown by more than 400% since the early 1990s, while sales of legitimate brands grew just 50% over the same timeframe.

This exclusive report from ABOUT Style analyses the extent of the damage caused to legitimate brands in the clothing and apparel sector, and offers advice on how the problem can be addressed.

Section by section the report breaks down the key problems associated with this global menace, and outlines practical advice to companies looking to formulate effective anti-counterfeiting strategies.

Many leading apparel industry executives and influential Wall Street analysts and attorneys participated in this research, making it an invaluable resource for anyone involved in branding and its associated industries.

The global report on counterfeiting-provides answers to key questions such as:

Product type: Report/Study
February 2012
Format: PDF
Pages: 40



  • Which brands are most at risk?
  • What are the telltale signs that your brand is being copied?

Can counterfeiters be stopped?

  • What are the realistic objectives that a company can set itself?
  • To what extent can increased media interest help?
  • Should brands agressively persue prosecution or adopt a more defensive strategy?
  • Does emerging technology actually help the fight against counterfeiting?
  • What are the important tips that should be passed on to consumers?

Elements of a successful anti-counterfeiting strategy

  • What is the most important element for a legitimate manufacturer?
  • What approach should be taken if resources are low?
  • How can external agencies help?
  • Is it possible to target the source of counterfeiting activity?

Where to find counterfeiters

  • Why is Thailand responsible for so much counterfeiting activity?
  • Is China really cracking-down on counterfeiters?
  • What are the favourite modes of transport for counterfeiters?

Anti-counterfeiting tools and solutions

  • How is technology helping anti-counterfeiting efforts?
  • Are criminals as technology-savvy as the legitimate apparel companies?
  • What overt and covert solutions are available to manufacturers?
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